Hitachi Digital Payment Solutions Ltd.

About Us

Hitachi Digital Payment Solutions is a leading provider and innovator of integrated, electronic payment processing solutions that empower Banks & Financial Service Providers across global markets. By empowering its clients with the ability to provide their customers with truly pervasive, personalized financial service experiences, Hitachi Digital Payment Solutions dramatically changes the way financial transactions are conducted today.

By utilizing its key ibSuiteTM platform to drive a broad range of solutions in Service Delivery, Payments, Cards, Virtual Banking and Mobile Commerce, Hitachi Digital Payment Solutions combines strong financial transaction integrity and tight data security into all of its solutions, delivering a totally integrated, consistent and rich experience across all customer touch points.

Hitachi Digital Payment Solutions has blazed the trail in the payments industry. The company pioneered web-enabled payments solutions in Sri Lanka while competitors were still reinventing their legacy systems, and continues to break new ground in the industry with the addition of mobile solutions to its expanding product suite. Hitachi Digital Payment Solutions’ IFX based solutions have the flexibility to adapt to new technology developments and compliance requirements with ease. The company’s experience and focus on the Payments Industry makes Hitachi Digital Payment Solutions the ideal partner for clients looking to offer